View Full Version : VT3 Crashes and Other Issues

09-01-2004, 08:50 AM
Hello! I have a few technical questions regarding VT3 and hardware and a few other things.

First, here is what we have:

VT3 latest build

Dual Pentium Xeon 2Ghz processors
1 gig of RAM
1 - 60 gig hard drive (C Drive for Operating System and VT3)
1 - 60 gig hard drive (U Drive for audio and graphics)
6 - 80 gig hard drives in a RAID Array for a total of around 400 gigs (V Drive for video files Ė raw RTV, etc)
1 Ė 250 gig external USB 2.0 drive (X Drive for older video files that we donít use on regular basis)
Windows 2000 with SP4


1. We experience a lot of crashes in VT3 and problems opening some large files. I feel that it is basic of little free space on the V Drive (there was only 70 gigs free out of 400 gigs) and because the V Drive is HEAVILY fragmented. I feel that freeing up space on the V Drive and defragging it will solve the problem. My question is do you think we are having these problems because of low free space and heavy fragmentation? If so, how often should we defrag?

2. Would it be beneficial to backup ALL data on ALL drives, format them and start from scratch? Or leave the U Drive and V Drive alone and just format the C Drive and install Windows XP? Is performance in VT3 better with Windows XP?

3. If I move raw footage and project files together will it maintain the project timelines in the project files? We are always concerned about moving any files around because we didnít want to ruin the project layouts and editing that we had done in the project files.

4. Are there any other general guidelines for upkeep and maintenance of the VT3 software and the computer we run it on?

Thank you!