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09-01-2004, 04:55 AM
Well, August's "Siggraph Special" meeting is over... So what did we get up to?

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These meetings are starting to get busier and busier - With new students from various colleges, as well as a few new commercial users on the scene.

I got straight to Business with a quick tutorial on L8 Dynamics. Using a
mixture of ClothFX, FX_Hardlink and the FX Edit tools, I showed a quick method for creating a sign hanging from two chains in less then a few minutes, letting LW8's powerful new Dynamics engine take care of most the hard work! The tutorial is available in PDF format here for those


After this, I started to show a pile of photos and some small videos I'd
taken from my week in the USA at Siggraph.

Having had the chance to meet so many of the names associated with LightWave, as well as industry professionals who worked on some of the movies we've been watching also gave me plenty to talk about - I'm already saving up for the 2005 event... :-)

It was all pretty exciting stuff - As you can imagine, a tad larger then our little NZ lifestyle, and a lot busier too!

Next up Chris bought up a handful of animations he's been working on for a
personal short film project which was looking very impressive. Our local Plugin guru Jarno also provided us with a short demo of some RPC (Rich Photo Content) project he's been involved in porting across to LightWave.

Both very cool stuff! Thanks to both of you for taking time to show us your

This was one of those 'odd' meetings where there wasn't a lot to report
back, but there was plenty happening! :) Don't ask.

I did a few PFX and Dynamic demos near the end, showing some of the cool
things that could be done. I also demo'd some ways to make use of Normal
Displacement plugin for effects, as well as various other tools such as
child pfx for rain, dust clouds, etc, etc.

LightWave is a very capable package... I could go on and on about it for hours and always find something new to discuss!

Yes, we need a new competition - I have a brand new copy of '1001 Tips and Tricks for LightWave 8' - Containing 1300+ tips in total, this book has a lot of valuable advice from over 32 industry professionals (including yours truly ;) ). The CD is also packed with even more tutorials, models, rigs and plugins. (For more info on the book, check out the website : http://www.wordware.com/tnt )

Many thanks to everyone who came - Thanks to Logan and Dave for bringing
some refreshments that didn't get drunk/eaten much. Doh, I forgot!

See you all this month (Sep) for the next meeting - I'll have a pile new
tutorials for L8 to show and there's a handful of new plugins that I've
grabbed I'd like to show too if I get time.

As always, get those projects together, questions, etc and lets get these
meetings humming with discussion, etc. I've got a new project brewing
already! Don't let me get away with being a big show off! There's your
challenge - Next meeting hopefully in 2-3 weeks...

See you soon!