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08-31-2004, 11:54 AM
here's my ideas...

08-31-2004, 01:31 PM
I think you forgot the most important option.

Have it downloadable and a big banner pointing to it on the front page.

I'm sure a lot of people are like me, if a piece of software takes my interest I'll visit the makers home page, have a root around, visit the gallery section, may pop into the user forum, then if it still looks interesting I'll look to download the demo. On the rare occasions Newtek has offered a demo (unintentionally or not), there has never been an easy way to find it on their site. Surely this must put a lot of people off.

08-31-2004, 01:44 PM
yeah, to be honest a "downloadable version" should be a pre requisite from any software if there's no files size problem.

though i think with any 3d program you shold back up a demo app with plenty of free training videos and tutorial webpages as well.

currently i let my student's play on lightwave 8.0 with the commercial install i have but with no dongle so it runs in DISCOVERY mode.

THE BIGGEST COMPLAINTS i have from students is about layout not saving anything and the check pattern watermark being so irritatiing to look at.

though i still get student's to play in lightwave and have had about 10 max only students converted over to buying a full commercial version of lghtwave through the discovery version they were taught on.

...i could't wait for newtek to get a 8.0 demo out so i made my own!...via my commercial install of lightwave 8.0.

seeing as the max only students..which were from other tutors who only teach max were looking at a "legit" 3d app purchase i think i did pretty well...i've yet to have a student buy a full copy of 3ds max...though some have bought the student versions at 90 or 3dsmax 6.0 and one student bought a full 3ds max 3.1 commercial app a while back.

there's also been student's buying cinema..a couple of students and most recently myself and two others have added xsi foundation..

newtek need to get a lightwave 8.0 demo pretty quickly or they'll lose out to other vendors...i'll keep flying the newtek flag in class as it's a cool app.

steve g

08-31-2004, 01:48 PM
i believe that newtek must be in the middle of making a "experience" version of lightwave or a ple version where it uses is different file format as they already have a de version of lightwave 8.0 once you pull the dongle...hope they get this out soon.

steve g

08-31-2004, 04:09 PM
:cool: Cress,

I've gone for saving scenes option.. as a student of your's I think this would be most helpfull for me at college....

I thought the educational version came with tutorial bits??

Also, it's good to see a high number of students at college who have opted for LW....

P.S. check your spelling... what people do on their private areas shouldn't be talked about here... (last option/couldn't resist it)..

see you saturday.. (sorry no invoice)


08-31-2004, 04:28 PM
my spelling is always....Hmmm...poor!
...and i type too quick!...[lazy]


my students to lightwavers:..

rich dj
mark w
paul g
rich f
jon s
colleen mc
steve j
chris h
vicky w
criag e

[not bad for a human] [[aliens]]

Gui Lo
08-31-2004, 07:39 PM
IMHO Good voting options.

I am learning MayaPLE and it is tough going. But I can learn because of the saveing ability. I hate the watermark and makes working with it like driving through rain.

So I think that Newtek should simply limit the rendersize to 320X240 with a logo watermark in a corner. Add a widget to the object so it cannot be used in a full version or charge a small fee to allow an object to be used/saved as a 1000/10,000/50,000, etc. poly object.

In this way people can do good looking demoreels and then Lightwave gets more advertising.

Lightwave is very successful in the industry but has a low perception with the general public/small studios so I think they need to increase the number of people just using it, even if they do not eventually buy it.

That's my case with MayPLE. I just want to increase my job oppurtunitys but my copy of LW[8] arrives later this week.

Gui Lo

09-03-2004, 11:10 AM
Having been in cressheads class (JonS), now quite a time go, i definitely agree that DE needs some sort of scene saving especially if Newtek wants more students learning Lightwave character animation.

Imagine a student learning to rig a character in lightwave and experimenting with its animation, knowing that you cant save the scene to evaluate or improve your work - its not going to happen, they will use use maya or character studio instead! which is a shame because i dont believe character rigging and animation is that hard to do in lightwave especially with v8.

Newtek faces competition in the classroom, were quite often its choice between Lightwave, Maya or Max. Dont make it harder than it has to be.

..and that watermark is horrendous, makes any render look abysmal!

I went on to buy a full commercial licence very shortly afterwards because i realised its potential, like the speed of the workflow, and ease of use but I would like to see a greater presence of lightwave in colleges because surely that will have an effect on the industry later, and that is something Newtek are partly responsible for.

As it is i dont think DE is as well thought as it could be.

09-03-2004, 12:40 PM
I think that the best course to take with a demo version has to be much more permissive than people think.

XSI is $499. Newtek HAS to show people LightWave. It won't help by making the demo frustrating.

Newtek MUST BE BRAVE. The demo should have extremely minor limitations. This means saving is unrestricted. This means no watermarks.
How to distinguish the demo from the real thing? Don't! It IS the real thing, but is only good for 60 days, and there is no Screamernet. That's it.

This is hard for a company to do, it's so easy to be protective of your baby and keep it "safe." But keeping LightWave safe isn't the goal. Teaching people about it, addicting them to it, getting it used and accepted is the goal. So the demo must be exciting, useful, and NOT frustrating.

But a 60 day timeout is enough for people to use and explore the tools. It's enough to convince them and addict them.

"But But But" the objection is that people will just use the demo instead of buying! Well, the 60 day timeout will make that annoying, and the knowlege that a Real Copy will get support, updates, bug fixes, support plugins, and be Real is what will convince people to buy.

If the objection is that people will crack the demo and use the software more than 60 days.. well, the reality is that that has already happened, a demo won't change that one bit.

Now going on one more step. Newtek needs to make or buy a 1 hour video about "getting started with LightWave". People running a demo can't read a manual quickly and don't have the patience. A video works best for quick introductions. 20 minutes about how to make a box, move points. 10 minutes about surfaces, weighting, image mapping and fractal noise. 10 minutes about keyframing and bones. 10 minutes about lighting and shadows. 5 minutes on rendering. Boom, they make a little project from start to end in an hour.
This video should be downloadable, or on a free CD/DVD with the demo.
A DVD costs a few bucks, mostly for shipping, but it's great marketing!

A crippled demo is frustrating and better than no demo at all.

Be brave, Newtek! This will be hard to do, but it's the best method for growing LightWave's market!

09-03-2004, 12:53 PM
regarding a video packed in the demo, something along thew lines of "getting into seven" from desktopimages woud be ideal as it's project based and covers all areas in a neat fun packed training video that has modeling , surfacing morphs animation camera skytracer and rendering and lighting all in one video..ideal way to learn lightwave fast.

steve g

09-05-2004, 05:29 AM
Agree with Architook :)

voted for put it in Digit and other magazines, but i am also all for a downloadable edition.