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08-28-2004, 08:33 AM
For some strange reason I cannot open a number of files that I either updated under LW8 or had created under LW7.5. Modeler crashes every time, when I am trying to access those files. Here's what's so weird. Everyone else, who tries them, can open them just fine.

I'm running WIN2K Pro (build 2195, service pack 4)
DirectX 9.0c: just uploaded yesterday, to make sure I've got the latest.
ATi 9800 Pro (128 M)
P4 2.66Mhz

Anyway, I never had problems like this before.

I've reinstalled WIN just about two weeks ago (which is proably when this all started, though I cannot verify that). I reinstalled LW8 yesterday.

Is there a setting (memory?) or something that I might have missed?

The files in question are large, all in the 2-3M range. Smaller files open just fine.

Here's one more fact: Layout has no problems opening any of those files. Meaning, I can render, but not modify my files.

Maybe the answer will be going through the whole Win2K installation and upgrade again. Being on dial-up, I'd really hate to do that.


08-28-2004, 03:05 PM
Just to let you know that I seem to be back in business.

I moved everything to a new disk (Serial ATA), reinstalled LW8, made some changes on the virtual memory assignments and on the ATi card settings, and as of right now, I can access all of my files again.

To move things to the "new" disk, I used the Seagate Disk Wizard program that I had downloaded some time back. It formatted and partitioned the serial ATA for me, then made a mirror of the boot disk files in one partition. Pretty convenient, and I did not have to download tons of Win2K, IE, and OE upgrade and security files. Now I am reinstalling a bunch of software to get it all functional once more.

That was really a disturbing problem, the cause of which remains a mystery.


08-28-2004, 09:21 PM
...after getting rid of all spyware and viruses (ii?) now i have some very strange problems. Randomly my computer blackens out (crashes) without freezing or bluescreens just to restart. Itīs not a heat problem, so much i know. I suspect the cable modem is the culprid, weīll see in couple of days.

Itīs really great to work in 3d, but if it wasnīt for that iīd never touch computers again, believe me. So many abstract problems.

Still trying to find the problem by elimination of possible sources.

Arenīt there any analyzer programs to assist in such tasks? I guess not since virtually every computer is different, hard- and software wise.

SIGH.... :mad: :mad: :mad:

08-28-2004, 09:26 PM
Maybe a memory problem or a bad video card problem?

08-28-2004, 09:30 PM
Maybe a memory problem or a bad video card problem?

That would really suck. The hardware is essentially new. Iīll check these out later, after disconnecting the modem for this night. Curious to see if the current login will still be active tomorrow.

I sort of hope that itīs the modem, because i wanted to change to a router anyway. :p

The strange thing is that it seems to be completely random. I noticed it happens mostly at times when my ISP is unstable (bandwithproblems or something). Could that be, that something from my ISP crashes the comp Ŧthroughŧ the connection??

PS:Pixeltek,sorry for hijacking the thread, but since the original problem seems to have been solved and mine being that abstract, oh well.

SIGH again

08-28-2004, 10:05 PM
wait a sec, am i stupid or what? i have no ups....hmmm.

08-29-2004, 08:02 AM
That really sounds as if you still have a Sasser worm variant in there, Chris. It is known to cause random restarts and also not necessarily caught by the regular virus software, once in there.

For this reason, Symantec designed this Sasser removal tool:

Just for grins (what have you got to lose?), give that a shot.

I just typed 'sasser removal' into Google and it came up with a bunch of solutions.


08-30-2004, 12:13 AM
Karl, thx, iīll try that as soon as i am home. Indeed with the cablemodem disconnected i have no such problems at all, thatīs why i concluded it would be a physical modem problem. As a matter of fact one strange thing i noticed was that there were constantly instances of IE running in taskmanager, very wormlike, huh?

This thing with viruses,spies and worms is really getting out of hand these days. I am developing a genuine hatred for these kids (or whoever does this sheeet). Has cost me many hours and nerves already. And i donīt even surf warez or pornsites. It seems that nowadays just being connected to the net is a problem.

phil lawson
08-30-2004, 04:02 AM
I would second the sasser idea..if it doesnt come into effect when the cable modem is unpluged, then more than likely it or if you havent updated to service pack 1 or 2, blaster may still be about.


08-30-2004, 07:32 AM
thx again.am fixing now, will let ya know later. oh, and have to update windows, too :cool:

08-30-2004, 07:38 AM
ok, sasser itīs not. maybe the panda antivirus removed it in the time i wasnīt connected. weīll see if the login stays with modem on for a few hours.

thatīs the main reason i really love our community, always someone to help, be it 3d or not.