View Full Version : MatteBySurface and anti-aliased output

04-02-2003, 04:01 PM
Because the many people asked us for this feature in our's plug-in MatteBySurface (https://secure.reg.net/product.asp?ID=12394&TemplateID=-1) we decided to send our's statement here, so people around the world could read about it.

We search for possibility of implementing anti-aliasing into MatteBySurface which could be done automatically, like it happens actually, but unfortunately in the current LightWave it's not possible, because it does not allows 3rd party plug-ins to change Rendering, Render Options..., Output Files, Animation, RGB and Alpha file names, so even though plug-in can theoretically set active surface Constant Alpha Value to 255, and the rest inactive to 0, it can't save such generated animation or image sequence to disk whereever it wants...

However there is trick which you could use with MatteBySurface: you can use 200% or 400% image file size instead of 100% (in that case don't use built-in LightWave anti-aliasing, you will get the real one later), and in image processing software rescale image to original size. This process could be easily automated, and it's still much less than setting Constant Alpha Value by hand, then setting RGB and Alpha file names in Rendering, Render Options..., Output Files and later rendering animations or image-sequences.

We checked couple test scenes using this method and get reasonable results. Please check this method and tell what do you think about it. It's really pitty that I can't suggest you better method, built-in MatteBySurface, but it's still better than nothing.

The second option which we could have is completely emulating LightWave rendering process, this is not trival task, and especially not in the current MatteBySurface price, which is just $50... If it would costs, let's say, $250 we could think about it...