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04-02-2003, 10:19 AM
comment on lightwave7.5 :

am i correct in thinking that no one can actually install anything thru an installer in lightwave...these so called installers simply extract [like winzip] some files to a folder then you have to manually load up any plugins and manually have to create tabs and buttons to make these things work??

hardly user friendly is it?

if we do indeed need to jump thru such hoops to get a plugin to install don't you think top of the list would be a true sep by step do this, do that then you'll see this then load this file called whatever and you'll see this...

my verdict if all the above is true...lightwave 8 better have everything built in and working or else the way plugins are plugged in needs to be addressed desparately..along with real help files for users.

steve g

04-02-2003, 05:27 PM
Although it would be nice to have a directory that automatically gets loaded, there are really harder tasks than go to "Plug-ins->Add Plug-ins..." and select the file...don't see what needs much explanation there.

04-02-2003, 10:53 PM
Gosh Steve, you've posted this particular issue on 3 different sections of the forum (at least that I've seen, there might be more). It's obvious you are having a real problem with the ACS4 Demo and getting it set up. I would suggest joining the Yahoo group for ACS4 users. Questions are answered rather promptly, usually by Lukasz himself. I bought ACS4 and it came with a manual (HTML- but I printed it out so it's just as good as one). It tells you everything you need to know. It even has a config file that you can add that will automatcially setup your workspace like it's meant to be.

It's really not that hard to add a plug-in. Nor add a button for it in the interface.

04-02-2003, 11:39 PM
Funny to hear such a complaint about LW... Looks like I should invite you to have a install session with certain Maya plugs to make you feel better *lol*.


04-03-2003, 02:36 AM

right here's my personal angle on all of this hoopla lightwave users go thru to install certain things in lw.

for example...
i want to load shag hair demo for 3dsmax i get a install pack and this asks for the 3dsmax dir...then installs the demo scenes in the scenes dir with a folder called shag hair, puts the plugin in the plugin folder and adds any help files to the additional help folder with it's own shag hair help folder to keep it tidy..
i then boot max up and load one of the shag scenes to see what's it all about and lo an behold it all works [as it should do]

if i wan to add shag hair to my own model i simply select the model and add the shag hair to it and also to the renderer effects..

demo of acs4

doesn't install anything..it's really a zip file that unpacks the html help and scenes, objects and l scripts plus a plugin file to a single folder...

the user then has to manually move/copy all of the files to the locations thay are surposed to be in....and guess on some of the locations seeing as there is no hint written for some of them....

the help file says load the plugins..of which there is one....
says nothing about the lscripts...which you do need to load up...sorry but the install didn't unpack a crystal ball for me.

then says customise user interface and add a tab and load the config file...which by the way is stored in a folder within the help folder...this didn't exactly jump out at me...why would it?

as for people saying read the manual..your right to a certain extent but as everyone knows [except the writer of that manual]
has the most awful index in which most near everything i look for is not there...i don't want to re read 1500 pages everytime i need something...if i were a plugin developer i want eveyone to be able to load up the demo with minimum fuss..all the steps needed and all the info needed to make a succesful install for new/intermediate and experienced users...this would help sell the product yes???

yes i have got the plugin to work now..but not with the "help" that was written with the plugin or from the lw7 manual..just by looking thru all the files in that folder and guessing that some of them should be installed even though they are not listed...

i'm quite amazed that no one here actually gave any help to load this up...just said it's simple or RTFM...lets hope this casual approach doesn't set the bar for future requests for help.

steve g

04-03-2003, 03:17 AM
Well Eki demonstrated with his PlugPak that you can do a nice installer that adds the plugins and buttons...
Just have to write a LScript instead of an external installer exe...

If you find ACS4 hard to install tell them...if they didn't do all in one plugin file and need dozends of buttons they should come up with something like Eki.