View Full Version : Darken output through FireWire, Help

08-21-2004, 01:29 PM
I have a problem with printing a tape from DVapp.
After I finish edit at time line and render into DV Type 2 it looks good, levels are Ok. Then I send it to a dv tape JVC BR-DV3000 and it looks darker. Is there settings that I need to adjust or what is the problem?
I do tape to broadcast so it's important to have it done right.
The situation changes ones I close VT3 and open DVapp to send DV type 2 file to a tape. Through preview window of DVapp it's already looks darker and so it does the tape. Seems to me that DVapp uses different engine from VT3 wich differ in proc amps. I wish I could print a tape directly from a timeline, but that up to NEWTEK engineers to fix. Honestly, it a MAIN feature that I lack in VT3. Even manual tells me I could do that, but practicaly NOT. Could that be on a TOP priority list to fix???
Does anybody have the same problem? Solution?