View Full Version : Can't save scenes in Layout and what is Discovery Edition

08-20-2004, 02:45 PM
I have just upgraded to Lightwave 8.0 from Inspire 3D but I'm have some problem with Lightwave 8.0.

When I create text then extrude it I'm unable to save it as a file as I'm informed that Lightwave 8.0 "Discovery Edition" cannot save text that is over 400 points.

I'm also unable to save scenes in Layout as I'm once again informed that Lightwave 8.0 "Discovery Edition" is unable to save scenes.

I have registerd my Lightwave 8.0 with NewTek and I have my permanent License Key.

When I installed Lightwave 8.0 on the day I bought it, it said I have 14 days left to use Lightwave 8.0 so I presume the Discovery Edition is a trial version, so how to I unlock it the get the permanent version so I can save scenes in the Layout etc.

08-20-2004, 04:04 PM
The Discovery Edition is basically what you get when running Lightwave without the dongle attached; it watermarks your images and won't save scenes, anything with over 400 points (as you have discovered). Check that your dongle is attached, and that the drivers are correctly installed. It sounds like LW isn't recognising it at all to me.
Registering is painless; use the "Register Lightwave [8]" in LW's start menu group, and follow the instructions. I DID find, however, that when I tried to register as I first installed LW it didn't work properly, and I had to do it again as I described above.
One other thing; the dongle drivers may need updating. I found I had to go to the manufacturer's website and DL updated ones (I got LW8 a few weeks back, so you might be having this problem too). If you are using a Rainbow Superbro USB dongle, the website is http://www.rainbow.com/
Hope that helps, man.