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08-19-2004, 11:57 PM
hello, i'm a newbie(I hate that word) to lightwave, I am currently using lightwave 7 and have just modelled a gun, I used spline drawling to accomplish this. My problem is I've wireframed the gun but am unable to add a surface to the head in order to add texture and that kind of stuff. I've tried using "make spline patch" but i constantly get an error saying "curves do noty cross correctly" Like I said I'm new to lightwave and it is very possible i'm going about adding a surface to this all wrong. any help would be great and if i need to i'll send anyone the model I made. thanks a lot.


08-20-2004, 10:26 AM
If I get the meaning of your post, that error is caused by the splines not being selected in the right order - try reversing the order - going clockwise in selection of the splines or counterclockwise - this should create your patches. Autopatcher sometimes is not the best solution.

08-20-2004, 05:47 PM
Ah, splines. There kinda neet when you finally figure out how to make them work. Let's say for an example you have to circles and they are connected together to create a cylinder. In order to make the patch work. Sometimes you can just select the circle and use that for the of the sides. However, If you did that once, when you do the next side you will more than likely get that same error that you got.
To correct that. Select the point when the side and the circle meet then press the space bar and then select the circle. Then you need to split that circle. You do that by using Construct>Subdivide>Split. Which is why it is important to select the point first, so that LW knows where to split the circle.
When your done spliting the circle where you need to use the merge tool. Also check and see what direction each spline is headed. You should see what looks like a small head on one end of the spline, make sure they are all headed the same dircection. If one is reversed just press the f key to flip the spline. And now if I didn't miss any steps you should beable to patch the splines. One more point, once you get the spline patched, move the splines to another layer, then if you need to do some editing, they are still available.
Good Luck