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08-19-2004, 08:47 PM
I have a scene where I have a car and the scene camera is located in the front seat on the driver side. The camera is heading down the x axis towards -x. At @frame 900 the camera/car turns right and travels @ another 900 frames then turns left; heading down the x axis again toward -x for @300 frames. What I have done is created an emitter that is @ 6x1x10 in size, and I am trying to get it to creat a gentle early morning rain, not a storm but I want it to be a steady rain. But the rain doesn't fall straight down it is in an angle and when it turns left the rain stops in the camera view but in the front view when I play it, I can see the particles. I am sure I am doing this wrong but don't know where to go, I would be grateful for any help. I need to finish this so I can move on by Saturday. Again thanks.

Dale L. Campbell Jr.
Positive Productions Plus!

08-19-2004, 10:49 PM
Make your emiter as large as your scene. So that what ever way you point the camera the emiter is in front of the camera. The emiter needs to be wide enough so you don't see the edges of the rain, the emiter must be deep enough to give the rain some depth (particles at a far looks smaller). The height if the emitter must be as high as the camera can see the clouds or higher.
For the direction of the rain for it to come straight down you must set only the Y value for the velocity in the motions tab. For an angle down fall then you enter a X or Z value otherwise these are zero. The Y value must be a negitive value to travel downwards. The further you decrease this value from zero the faster the rain.(Note I said decrease because it is a negitive number.)