View Full Version : Dynamics feedback in [8]? (new forum repost)

08-18-2004, 08:43 AM
Maybe I'm not getting it, but is there a foolproof way to know exactly how much progress has been made during a dynamics calculation in LightWave[8]? With the old Motion Designer, even if you had 'update in window' (or whatever it was called) turned off, the frames were ticked off in the timeline as each frame's calculation was completed - so you knew exactly what was happening.

With the dynamics in [8], you can check 'View Feedback', but it doesn't always work (much like 'Make Preview'), possibly because of flakey OGL drivers. If it doesn't work, or you simply don't check 'View Feedback', then how do you know if the calculation is actually progressing - and if so, how much? I see that there is a checkbox for 'Numeric Feedback', but I can't figure out what it refers to. There is no movement in the display window or the timeline, though I know that the calculations are progressing (maybe) - I just don't know how fast (or slow). I need to know whether a calculation is going to take minutes, hours or days.

Am I missing something?