View Full Version : San Diego LW Users Group First Meeting

08-17-2004, 10:51 PM
Clear your schedule for the first meeting of the San Deigo Lightwave
Users Group at CryWolf Computers computers at 11:00am on Saturday,
August 21st 7320 Convoy Court, San Diego, 858-277-9653.

Presenters for our first meeting will include:

William Harrison, our vice-president. He will give us a demonstration
of the spline modeling technique he used to create some models from
the series THUNDERBIRDS. See his website at www.digitaltrip3d.com

Larry Schultz, the noted LightWave instructor and animator . He will
be giving us insights into advanced spline modeling and character
rigging used in LightWave. To learn more about Larry's classes and see
some of his character rigs, access his website at www.splinegod.com.

Dave Jerrard and Jennifer Hachigian-Jerrard, co-authors of
"LightWave Applied versions 6 and 7", will be there to meet in
person. Dave and Jennifer are industry professionals who have just finished,
along with Larry, a project for Warner Bros. Feature Animation.
They will give us a sneak peak of the Lightwave Workshop they will be
teaching on August 27th & 28th at CryWolf Computers. Jennifer's guide
to all things cel shaded is available at www.celshader.com.

Meet your fellow Lightwave users in the San Deigo area! For anyone interested in 3D animation and modeling would
benefit from seeing this presentation.

MAP (http://www.mapquest.com/maps/map.adp?country=US&countryid=US&addtohistory=&searchtab=address&searchtype=address&address=7320+Convoy+Court&city=San+Diego+&state=ca&zipcode=&search=++Search++)

We hope see you there!
Stephen M. Burns