View Full Version : lightwave/poser project... let me explain?

rich novak
04-02-2003, 03:00 AM
ok, before i get flamed, let me explain...

i'm trying to do a short movie, maybe 10 minutes or less (probably closer to 7) for an AIDS benefit. it's going to take a long time as it is.

i'm running into 2 big problems:

1) time. i work 13 hours a day 6 days a week at my normal job, which has 0 to do with 3d. 3d is just a small hobby right now, hopefully soon to be more. on top of that, i'm a one-man shop.

2) my graphics card. it won't display backdrops! that means i have to model everything by sight, with no reference. i have the latest drivers for the card, and it's in a laptop so built into the board and, as far as i know, it can't be replaced.

i'd seriously LOVE to model my own characters. really, it would rock. however, i'm already modeling the buildings, the terrain, etc...

the way i figure it, i didn't build the renderer either, i use the one out of the box. i figure making a renderer (or an entire application!) has to be much harder than building a character. so, i figure i won't feel so bad using characters out of poser. i figure the difference between using a poser character vs a custom one is a lot smaller than using lightwave vs. a custom made application, right? i guess we all use something pre-made to an extent. i figure the only people who can call me a poser ( ;) ) are the people who built their own program from scratch. BUT... i'm curious... what would you do in my shoes? no real time but a big project in front of you.

how can i avoid using poser? it's sort of my last resort...

thanks for your replies!


04-04-2003, 06:40 AM
doing your own work is the best solution... but if you really want unique models, and you really don't have time, and are realy oppossed to Poser, why not get some stuff on turbosquid, and give some money to a few artists in need of it in the process. I don't have any human models over there, but I've seen some really great ones over there, and some may even be free

04-04-2003, 11:37 AM
one thing to remember about the models from Poser, If you use it, is that the poly count is very high, much higher than a sub-d model would be. I would give away a model if i had, but i dont do organic stuff. ( i ow it)