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04-02-2003, 02:39 AM
okay, i really need someone who knows about acs4 to go through and talk to me like i'm a 3yr old and list out a step by step of how to install and get the acs4 demo up and running on lw7.5....

the help files that come with acs4 assume that you've installed plugins and customised your user interface befroe [which i havn't..ever!]...

i added lightwave last year to my toolset [max4/character studio is currently my main 3d app]

and the installation of plugins for lightwave seems to be very "manual" in that the install exe doesn't actuall "install" the plugins into lightwave but just copies the files to a folder...where you then need to move add n wot not..[no idea!]

any help here would be nice..proton???..you keep flying the flag of ACS4..how about a install guide for the max idiots out there like me?


steve g


04-02-2003, 02:40 AM
just to add..i posted this as well to the plazplugs webboard thingy..

i'm trying without any result to install your demo of acs4 on lightwave 7.5
following your instructions in the html help leads me down "blind alleys"...

having never ever installed any plugins before in lightwave [i come from
using 3dsmax]
i'm finding it a little weird that the "install" exe doesn't actually
install the plugins but just copies
some compressed files to the plugin folder in lightwave..and that the scenes
and objects are also in there....
is this how it should be???surly we need to move the objects and scenes to a
scene folder and object folder in lightwave
rather than in the plugin dir???

also seeing as i'm totally new to any customisation can you also add the
actual file names and where i'd find them to
customise the interface to get that acs4 tab to work?...so far with my
"guessing" i'm just getting illeagle opps and lightwave dies...

a FULL step by step avi/help file would really help to evealuate the plugin.
lightwave seems rather "manual" in installing plugins so far...not like a
typical max plugin..where you simply drop it into the plugin folder and it
works....[one of the good things about 3dsmax...]

i'd actally pay $20 on top of the $90 to have a install video, rather than a
help file with gaps of information for the new lightwave user to fill in
themselves...usability is top here.

steve gilbert

mobile number: 07941 765 848
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e n d o f l i n e

04-02-2003, 07:05 AM

All you have to do is install the program. This puts all the files you need into the LW directory.
Now just go to Layout, and go to Layout/Plugins/add plug-ins. Go to the Plug-ins directory, find the ACS4 folder, and select all the .p files.
ACS4 comes with an online manual that tells you everything step by step. I printed it out so it was easy for me to read as I was setting up.
Lightwave's manual will tell you how to add the plug-ins to your interface, it's quite easy. But then ACS4's online manual will tell you how to do the same thing.

04-02-2003, 08:39 AM

well i followed your "version" and got the same result..lightwave gave an illeagle op and died.

trying again....

installed the .exe...pointed to my lw install folder on my d drive
everything was extracted to the plugin folder on that drive

went to add plugins in layout..navigated to the acs4 folder in the plugins dir

so...what do i load????

here's the text from the "help file"

ACS4 Demo plugins installation is typical. Add all plugins from the directury You installed ACS4 Demo to with Layout/Plugins/Add Plugins or through Layout/Plugins/Edit Plugins panel. You should get following commands installed:

so where's the**** list of what i should be looking for then???
sorry didn't pack my crystal ball today...

there's 4 .lsc files and 1 .p file...what do i do then???

if acs4 is to be "the" character tool for everyone some serious re writing of the non help files are very due...like now don't you think?

as a lecturer teaching 3ds max and combustion you have to put ALL the steps in to an install file not just the ones you can be bothered with...as for saying go look at the manual for adding other things..that's not good enough for a proffessional plugin..
do the work and write it out ALL of it.

when ACS4 has a help file written i'll try again..till then i'll stick with character studio and max seeing as they CAN be bothered to write a full install manual.

steve g

04-02-2003, 08:46 AM
this is from the online manual:

>>ACS4 Demo plugins installation is typical. Add all plugins from the directury You installed ACS4 Demo to with Layout/Plugins/Add Plugins or through Layout/Plugins/Edit Plugins panel. You should get following commands installed:<<

i installed the only .p file and then lightwave said that 3 plugins were loaded

so where do i get this next thing from then....

Auto Character Setup 4 Demo:
ACS Conv Demo,
ACS Replugga Demo,
ACS Controls,
ACS Help,
ACS Shape (Custom Object),

looks to me that there's more than 3 plugins here...

am i also surposed to load up the lscripts as well....even though they are NOT documented in the help file?

geez...such a good tool should have proper documentation really.

once i can figure out just what the heck your really surposed to do i'll make a camstasia video so other people don't need to tear out their hair with the install and put a link on my website.

steve g

04-02-2003, 09:01 AM
okay it seems that .p files and .lsc files are plugins..seeing as no one bothered to list them in the help files on acs4...
i'm trying to load up the bolo scene and it's stopped here and gives me this message:

no plugin of type itemMotionHandeler found with name SimpleOrientConstraints

would you like to load it from disc?

okay where's that then?..is it surposed to be in the acs4 folder or a lightwave thing???..is it a .p file or a lsc file????

help anyone?

steve g

04-02-2003, 09:55 AM
okay...moved the acs4 loader to my laptop where i also have a version of lw7.5...still no go on my dell workstation though.

added all the lscripts and the plugins and it finally loaded up the bolo test scene.... as for the interface and help files that you should get i 'm guessing just what to do since the help files are of no help here...

is it that lightwave is so unfriendly in loading up plugins or is acs4 loader really a awful example of just what can and does go wrong ... if i can only get it to basically run on my laptop and not on my main pc we'll have to wait until lw 8 comes out with all of this built into it as i'm pretty sick of second guessing just what to do here.:mad:

tutorial videos...can't fail you thenuser has to do is copy what the video does...written help files...depends if the writer writes all of what's needed and in the right order too.

unless there's someone out there willing to untangle this mess i'll give acs4 a wide birth seeing as currently i like lightwave and don't want to think of it as a pain in the butt which it currently looks like with the lack of detail for loading extras into it...

looks as though character studio wins out again for character animation...prove me wrong?

steve g

04-02-2003, 10:16 AM
comment on lightwave:

am i correct in thinking that no one can actually install anything thru an installer in lightwave...these so called installers simply extract [like winzip] some files to a folder then you have to manually load up any plugins and manually have to create tabs and buttons to make these things work??

hardly user friendly is it?

if we do indeed need to jump thru such hoops to get a plugin to install don't you think top of the list would be a true sep by step do this, do that then you'll see this then load this file called whatever and you'll see this...

my verdict if all the above is true...lightwave 8 better have everything built in and working or else the way plugins are plugged in needs to be addressed desparately..along with real help files for users.

steve g

04-02-2003, 11:55 AM
finally discovered that the file i needed to load up for the acs4 tab was stored in the folder called "manual" in a sub folder called files/cfg and the file name was/is called acs4_menu.cfg

all of this is not in the help file...

also just recieved a reply from plazplugs...he is aware of the shortcommings on the manual..

steve g