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08-16-2004, 07:33 AM
i am specing out a new box and needed some advice. has anyone orderd a new 2.5 g5? how long did it take to arrive. are the new 250 gig ATA drives that much faster than the ones in my dual 867 quiksilver? what video card should i get? nVidia or ati? i am upgrading my machine for aftereffects, motion, fcp, dvd studio pro, and not JUST lightwave. and buying the best of everything is not eally an option for me. I will recognize and be happy with the speed bumps gained from a new g5 and im trying to aviod buying a $6000 machine. i pay for this one myself this time :-)

any advice would be appreciated.


08-16-2004, 01:30 PM
Well.. I have ordered a new G5 2.5 but it hasn't arrived yet.

Hmmm.. good advice.. Difficult to tell..

Do you have a limit? You say it's not your intention to buy a 6000$ machine.. But how much would you like to spend?

For Lightwave, DVDSP, FCP, Motion and Aftereffects, ... Processorspeed is the way to go.

2.5 duali is a defenitly good choice.

3000 bucks, allready spend, with a 160 GB HD.

RAM is the second most important thing for speed. And to be honest, it's even equally important as processorspeed. Especially Aftereffects and Motion are RAM eaters. I personally bought 4.5 GB in total! But 2 GB should do well also. Just don't settle for the 512 standard. Buying this from 3rd party vendors makes it cheaper, but pick a nice brand, you don't want bad RAM

My main point is, if you are on a tight budget, you'll probably do a better job on buying a dual 2.0 with more RAM (2 Gigs or more) than a dual 2.5 with 1 GB of RAM.

Well, you'll probably know how much video and stuff takes from you harddrive so it's up to you what drive you pick. SATA is defenitly faster than what your mdd powermac can handle.
You can always add an extra drive later.

Videocards: Difficult to say. If you buy the Dual 2.5, it comes with an allready pretty impressive ATI radeon 9600 XT with 128 MB VRAM.

It's quite simple. Buy the 9800 XT and you almost double your speed. By the 6800 from nVidia and you add another 50% or more.

In order,9600: 250milion poly's/sec 412/sec for the 9800 and 600milion poly's/sec for the 6800 from nVidia.

The nVidiacards tend to have less problems but I do not sell my mother on that one..

The 6800 can be ordered, but is not available yet (probably september)

as for gadgets like bluetooth, airport, modem etc.. What you don't need, you don't buy.

Superdrive is offcourse a must since you will use DVDSP..

Do you need a new monitor as well?

Pick something you like for the money you want to spend.. The 30" is not a good deal for you because it will probably catapult you way beyond that 6000 bucks..

Hope this helps a bit

08-16-2004, 01:34 PM
I forgot to mention:

The speed of the videocard won't be only noticed in Games..

LW modelling and Layout make pretty impressive use of the videocard. (building preview in layout goes way faster with a fast card) If you use a lot of heavy polygon models, you should get a faster card.

Motion seems to use the grafic card as well! It really helps with realtime performance.

FCP, DVDSP and Aftereffects, don't really need a fast card as far as I know of.

08-16-2004, 02:17 PM
There are several ways to configure a faster Mac and still save some money.

First, if you're a student, you can save about $300 buying an educational Mac. If not, then Apple from time to time has special deals on their web site that offer similar discounts on refurbished G5s. I have two friends who bought from here and are very happy (but I would not buy an LCD without seeing it...dead pixel fear). Some of these special deals are actually new unopened boxes. All come with standard Apple warranty. I would save money not buying the extended warranty but I also like to live dangerously on the edge. Statistically though, if it works for the first few months it will keep going for a few years reliably.

Second, if you buy your upgrades from a second party you'll save substantially. RAM and hard drive upgrades from a company such as OWC (www.macsales.com) will save you several hundred more bucks over buying from Apple.

I ordered a G5 2.5G which isn't estimated to be delivered until Sept 15! That's a long time in computer years.

Happy shopping. This is one purchase I'm sure you be happy with even if you do over extend the plastic a bit.

The happiness of satisfying techno-lust is priceless.

Greg :cool:

08-16-2004, 02:32 PM
when specing a machine the dual 2 and the dual 2.5 were only about 400 dollars difference. the dual 2 was about 3700 with the upgrades and the dual 2.5 was 4100 or so i figured the smart money would be on the 2.5 especailly sice upgrades to processor speed seem to be comming slower these days. the ram i always buy from apple. in the past i have had some serious headaches in this area and decided that the box from apple with apple care is the best bet in the long run. i could jocky around and save about 10-15% on the box but just not worth it if things start to go south. i think i will get the 9800xt with 128 ram. if i need a better card i will upgrade then. thanks so much for your input. any other tips would be appreciated....