View Full Version : polys won't select, add points won't add points...

08-13-2004, 06:16 PM
This fits in with the disappearing points issue.. but the thread wandered off into other stuff..
Since upgrading to 10.3.5 I've noticed a bit of quirky stuff.. The most annoying is the polys not selecting and add points not adding points..
Its random but it frustrates me.. If this is mentioned somewhere else that I have neglected to read, I apologize.. Anyone else come across this?

08-13-2004, 07:37 PM
Yeah, you gotta de-select those hidden points and polys, it is kinda frustratind, but I have always clicked on the top right to de-select. I am sure they will fix it real soon, one of the NewTek fellas was already responding in the other thread.

08-13-2004, 07:45 PM
no... thats not it.

I do deselect in the top ..

In this case I really cannot add points to a poly. At all. Not unless I close and reopen the object.

Also, I can sit there and click a million times to select a poly but it won't. And the numeric indicator in the bottom left says '0' poly's selected. Its quite wierd.. feels opengl buggy.. and this has only been happening since the 10.3.5 upgrade.

edit: I noticed at one point that it was affected by how far in or out I had zoomed in..

08-13-2004, 08:26 PM
Okay, I havent been doing much modeling lately (since I upgraded computers), been rendering a bunch. I think I had that happen though, and I think I did have to close it down and re-start. I am going to have A LOT of modeling to do quite soon (just getting Torque figured out), so I will pay close attention when it happens.

08-14-2004, 08:57 AM
Koolio. We are using the Torque engine. :)
Also .. I model and texture every day.. every, every day.. :D