View Full Version : Anim edits as if making preview

captain nemo
08-13-2004, 11:10 AM
Hi there.
I have done something to my current animation that is making it behave like i'm making a preview when i drag nulls around or move the slider. Veeerrrryyy sssllllooooowwwww.......

I know i did something to it when i was working very late last night and i was very tired. I just dont know what.

I opened some stuff a newbie probably shouldn't mess with but i dont think i pressed any buttons and i didn't save the scene when i closed lightwave. I looked at the motion mixer, graph editor, well all the editors really, and i made a preview.

If anyone can tell me what i might have done and how to recover the situation it would be much appreciated as i had just finnished the rigging and was about to start making my first character animation.