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08-13-2004, 10:37 AM
3d illustrator for print wanted:

Advertising Arts, a New York City shop, is seeking to develop a stable of highly qualified 3d illustrators, specifically for the print medium. For the last 15 years, we've been the creative production shop for a number of world-class brands, such as Mercedes, IBM, and Citigroup. We've seen our product offering of illustration and retouching work evolve to encompass the discipline of 3d, and are currently looking to broaden our roster of capable 3d artists.

Strong 3d illustration skills are a must--meaning, we are looking for people who know how to create a great 3d image at the end, not necessarily specialists who only do modeling, texturing, rigging, etc.

Artists with strong 2d photo-illustration skills are also encouraged to respond.

We are located in Soho, Manhattan. The work environment is engaging, collaborative, and casual. We are primarily a Lightwave shop, but have no problem taking in work from other applications.

While an on-site working relationship is preferable, we are willing to entertain using freelancers from any corner of the globe, providing art, work and English language skills are great. Hourly rates are negotiable, and have to do with applicant's skill levels and specific project requirements. If interested, please send resume and work samples to [email protected]

Please make reference to this Newtek forum posting.