View Full Version : FS - Messiah:Studio 2.0

08-12-2004, 01:31 PM
Sorry to do this again: apologies to those who tried to contact me about Messiah:Animate. My personal email was broken for a while.

So I decided to give Messiah:Studio a run, and I love the software. I was planning on doing a modelling - messiah:studio based pipeline.

It really IS amazing best-of-breed animation software with KILLER Hybrid/GI rendering. Integration with LW is pretty killer too.

Unfortunately, with my real-time 3D software dev. work picking up lately, I just don't have the time anymore for my personal projects. I'm swamped! agh!

Not to mention that I'm crying because I have to work with a MAX house again. :(

Anyway, I don't want this great animation and rendering software to go to waste.

This is the latest version with HW dongle, electronic docs (EXTREMELY well organized), and of course, I'll transfer the license so you can get support and upgrades.

I'll even burn a CD with all of the on-line training vids.

Make me an offer, but remember that PGM sells this for $995, discounted, so PLEASE, no "dude, I'll give you 200 bucks" type repsonses.

[email protected]