View Full Version : Siggraph 2004 Dve Specials!

08-12-2004, 12:23 AM
Buy the VT[3] version of Spontanous Combustion or FantasyFX for $69.95
and get your 2nd DVE collection for only $40. Your combined price is
$109.95 for both and we pay your shipping so its free.


Here is a list of some of the included effects


1. Animated AirShips

2. Animated Axe DVEs including Battle Axes, Axe Wipes, Tomahawk and
Execution Axes.

3. Flying and Animated Dragon Effects.

4. Sword Swipes including the famous Excalibur.

5. Knight and Warrior effects.

6. Burning Animated Torch wipes.

7. Jousting Wipes

8. Pegasus and Riding Knight Effects

9. Animated Fish and Horse effects

10. Many more effects included, over 50 effects now part of the
package expanded from 37.

Spontaneous Combustion

List of Some Effects

1. Detonate, TNT, Apocalypse, Botttom Inferno, Ultimate Explosion,
Mushroom Cloud, Fireworks Frame,

2. Moving Lava, Flask Explosion, Streaking Burst, Blue Smoke, Liquid
Smoke, Fire Columns, Side Smoke

3. Tornado, Trailing Fire, Fire Frame, Thick Smog, Toon Smoke, Small
Shooting Star, Small Comet,

4. Spiral Flames, Simple Explosion, Cloud Swirl, Sun Burst, Lighting
Smoke, Shooting Smoke, Video Fire,

5. Weird, Sexy Smoke, Several Explosions, Brimstone, Crucible.