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08-11-2004, 01:38 PM
i need to have a light project a shadow of an object onto the inner or back surface of a translucent object.
the object has an irregular shape, so it's shape's shadow is meant to make a unique pattern on the (interior) surface of the translucent object.
the object that is meant to throw the shadow is also animated, so this shadow pattern should move as well, in time with the object moving.

so far i am having no sucess at all.
i tried a point light, then a spot light.

would i have to make the light actually project and image shaped like what my shadow should look like, in order to fake this effect?

as it is right now, i have the light affecting only the translucent object that receives the shadow, and the object that should throw the shadow, all other objects are excluded.

thanks for any advice, kinda new to 3D over here.

LWv7.5c, on a PC



i gots it now, success!

k' Plah!

it's all in then pesky shadow settings in the render options darnitall.