View Full Version : A pair of Problems

04-01-2003, 02:02 PM
I'm having a problem with my ToasterSettings file. Now when I try to load it, it brings up an error that states the file is invalid. It will then load my settings, minus the files that go into one of the DDR's I use.

When I use the file bin to add the missing files it says that it is unable to create the undo/redo stack. How would I sidestep this problem? Is it just a matter of resaving under a different name?

Also, I'm still having the problem with jittery video using the T2 compression DVE's. I've messed with all the preferences and settings I can think of, but I am still having the problem.

So I'll sum it up again. I am compressing live video with a live data (which are the pari-mutuel odds for my customers) feed superimposed over it, which I use an external switcher for. I use the vertical compression DVE from the T2 cd to use a crawl with the live video.

The superimposed odds start to jiggle on the screen as soon as I compress. It does resemble interlace flicker, but I can't be sure that is what it is. Note I did not have this problem with the MX switcher I was using until recently.

So my question. Do the T2 dve's cause jittering or flicker like that, or is it some other setting. Please people I need some ideas. This is getting to be a major annoyance. Thanks.

04-02-2003, 03:35 PM
Your jittery squashed video probably is an interlace issue. Once you mess with the vertical size the interlace lines will no longer line up correctly so it's not surprizing that bad things happen.