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08-07-2004, 11:26 AM
Digisuite LX MAX Editing System:
Digisuite LX Card and MAX card set with Video and Audio Breakout boxes. Dual PIII 933 mz computer. 1 gig of Ram, Asus CUV4X-D motherboard, Adaptec 39160 SCSI card, Linksys 100 Network card, Sony DRU-510 A 4x DVD Recorder, Matrox G400 32 MB dual monitor video card, 4 - 36 Gig Seagate Cheetahs 10K SCSI hard drives for Video, 18 gig Seagate Cheetahs 10K SCSI hard drive for audio, 19 gig Seagate Cheetahs 10K SCSI hard drive for system, 2-9 gig Western Digital SCSI hard drives for backup.

Software Loaded on System: (In parenthesis and bold, you will own)
Windows 2000 SP. 2, Adobe After Effects Production 5.0, Ulead Cool 3d 3.5, Crystal Graphics Impact Pro 1.24, Adobe Photoshop 7.01, Adobe Illustrator 9.02, Veritas Record Now DX 4.60, Boris Graffetti 2.0, Extensis Photo Tools 2.0, Extensis Photo Animator, Extensis Photo frame, DigiUtilities 7.1, DVDit SE 2.54, Adobe Premiere 6.5, Inscriber Title Motion Pro for Adobe Premiere 6.5, and Boris FX 6.1 and Ligos MPEG plugin for Adobe Premiere 6.5.

This system works and guaranteed to work. It is a real time MPEG 2 editing system with real time encoding of DVD compliant video from the source and off the time-line. The system is capable of editing 2 streams of video and 1 graphic layer in real time with 3D transitions and titles.
Retailed for over $10,000

Sell for $5000 plus shipping
Email: [email protected]
or call: 503-524-1780