View Full Version : No video signal error mssg

08-06-2004, 12:10 PM
In TEd....
After much ado with tech support & looking through old threads here, I found that this mssg only crops up in a particularly , ummm. "bloated" project. That is the timeline has up to 7 still and/or video clips going at once. All are treated with some SFX or another (Soft edge, cropping, motion, etc.). Anyway, all is well until I move the timeline to a position where it is trying to render those little icons at the beginning and end of each clip on the timeline. That proccess reeeeaaalllyy bogs down the proccessors and Toaster. Right then, I get a "No Video Signal Present (Potential driver lock-up)" in the Prgm monitor. I can still see the project in the preview monitor, though (real-time playback & all).
I think if I can somehow get Toaster to stop trying render all those pics for each clip I can move along a lot better. Maybe I'm overlooking something in the "destructions" on how to turn off those pesky little gobbers? Any thoughts on this?