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08-06-2004, 10:57 AM

I do not have much experience with animation in LW (character animation in particuar) so maybe my questions have simpler answers than I think. I watched some of the videos and I've read(or still reading) several of the lightwave books (inside lw[8], lw7 character animation, among others), but some of my questions still persist.

I am trying to play with some of the rigs that came in the content of lw[8]. Some of them come with sample keyframes. What would be the easiest way to remove all animation keyframes from a scene? Let say I want to use the hulky_rig.lws but I want to try to animate him myself. I used dopesheet to remove all keyframes except the 0. I had to expand all the child items, and select all keyframes with a mouse. I still missed a few keyframes here and there. Not too difficult, but is there a quicker way to manage multiple keyframes? Dopesheet helps A LOT, I can see it already, even though I haven't used it for animation yet.

Second question, this might be more of a feature request.. i don't know. The same scene, hulky_rig.lws. There are like... dozens upon dozens of bones for the character, many of which are locked and I suppose are not supposed to be animated directly or accessed by user. They are needed for the rig to function. Understood. Is there a way to manage the bones and/or hide selected bones from the pulldown menu? I wish there was ability to screate submenus (subfolders) for the purpose of organizing bones on the main screen's pulldown menu. The same goes for objects and object layers. Scene editor handles the management well, but I'd like to see the pulldown menu less crowded, more organized for complex rigs and scenes.

And finally, a more of an organizational question. How do you guys and gals handle animations with tens/hundreds of objects, some of which might have huge number of bones etc.
The same scene, hulky_rig.lws. I open the schematic editor.
I am scared to even think what it would look like if the character was put in a complex scene with one or more just-as-complex characters along with it. How one does not get lost in all the objects, bones etc?
I assume it is best to rig each character in a separate scene and then load it into the final scene once its ready.
Is it possible to have separate schematic view for separate objects, or I should not even look at the schematic editor when multiple rigged characters are loaded in the scene?

I know there is the manual. Its thick. I haven't finish reading it yet :) I've been dealing more with modeler so far and used LW7 for a short while before I upgraded to 8. I just want to see what others have to say about the above "issues". they might not be issues to you :)


08-06-2004, 07:26 PM
I think I remember that Blochi has written something to remove all keys from a scene, have a look at flay^^

got it (http://www.blochi.com/gfx/lscripts_en.html)

08-06-2004, 09:20 PM
that plugin will be very helpful for me :)
Thank you, digimassa.
Thank you, blochi!