View Full Version : Technical question. Scsi Stripped and 1 extra.. will it slow it down?

08-05-2004, 07:52 PM

If I have dual scsi channel 320 card

A channel: 3 x 146.8 gb u320 10k drives
B channel: 3 x 146.8 gb u320 10k drives
(all six drives striped together)

NOW if I add 1 more drive to channel A and leave it a single drive,
will it draw (reduce) the bandwidth of the Striped array? (assume the stripe is being used at the same time as the independant drive)


Hope someone knows. thx

08-06-2004, 09:14 AM
Randy we have done that before and as long as the drive is an U320 then you should be fine. Most times you would leave the stripe set all by itself. BUT! your system has so much bandwidth, you have nothing to worry about.