View Full Version : Just FYI: outstanding thing about VTRs made with SDK...

08-04-2004, 11:28 AM
Using playclip.c source I created in my own app three instances of VTRs: cv1, cv2, cv3. I assigned them numbers and I run them all in a loop. In the begining all of them were stopped of course. I created three buttons in a new dialog window: "1", "2" and "3". Single button suppose to stop any VTR running and start selected one. Source is easy, short and clean. No need to quote. The thing is - this trick works ONLY two times. This is outstanding. I mean I can select one source and start playing it - in a loop - works great. Then click on another one - this one works fine too. The third RTV file is always stalled. Even if I'm trying to force "loop" again before play. Since then - all others are stalled too. No matter what I select first and second - always third one is blocked and the rest as well.

The conclusion is - whole idea of several instances of VTRs is... useless. Even if SDK allows that. The only way to create several instances of VTRs is actually to create one and on event of switch, stop it, clean the sequence, reload new sequence, set the loop and start it again. This works fine.