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08-04-2004, 09:49 AM
i had bought a new computer mainly for lw and thats the only thing thats on it right now but i noticed that a lot of good pc games coming out like Doom 3, haflife 2, and sims ect should i buy them or will they use out the ram i use for lw

my specs p4 3.06 1gb of ram and 104 hard drive space

so can i buy pc or would it be better to leave just lw on it ? i would hate to run out of space or ram for lw

08-04-2004, 10:01 AM
Originally posted by Jamel
so can i buy pc or would it be better to leave just lw on it ? i would hate to run out of space or ram for lw
Ram only gets used once a program actually runs, and is free once the program quits (or you shutdown the machine). You don't use it up by the amount of programs you install, but by the amount of programs you use at the same time (and the amount of objects/images etc... each program uses).

Don't worry, you can game on your pc no probs, as long as you don't want to game and work with lightwave at the same time (I rare feat ;) ), you'll be fine.


08-04-2004, 06:51 PM
I would not be so worry about games as you should be worried about small programs that stay resident in memory all the time, like Instant Messaging, Printer GUI's, Scanner GUI's (GUI stands for Graphical User Interface - A program that stays resident to tell you the condition of said printer or scanner). Some programs can manually turned off so they do not stay in memory, others can only be uninstalled. Some are necessary like Virus programs. But it is up to you to decide on what needs to run in the background and what doesn't. Instant Messaging program definately do not need to run. If you want to use that program just load the program like any other program. People do not need to know your online before you get a change to open your web browser.
The more small programs you have running in the background, the faster your RAM is used up. Leaving you with little RAM to use Lightwave. Also these programs use up system resources. If your resources fall below 50% you have a very high chance of having your system lock up on you, forcing you to restart your computer.
With 1GB of RAM you should be OK, however I still recommend that you keep an eye on these programs. Also Spyware and viruses will run in the background as well, so they contribute to these problems as well, besides what they do in the first place.
LightWave Hub is one of these programs, but it has obvious advantages. So leave that running while Lightwave is running. But, if you want when you are not using Lightwave, you can right click on the hub icon and exit the program.
Have fun with your new system with or with out the games;)