View Full Version : Some Questions About Skelegons

04-01-2003, 02:30 AM
Hi Lightwavers,

I am doing my first modest steps in LScript and now I have a couple of questions regarding skelegons in Modeler. :confused:

1) How to create a skelegon in Modeler ?
2) How to find the weight map associated with a given skelegon (assuming that the map and the skelegon don't have the same name) ?
3) How to find the children of a given skelegon ?
4) Is there already a script that imitates rotation of skelegons and their influence on points base on weight map ? Basically I would like to rotate a skelegon and all the children skelegons should rotate with it, deforming the mesh according to the weight maps. I read somewhere that Lernie created a similar script, but I cannot find it.

Any help ?