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08-03-2004, 10:53 PM

San Diego is finally having a LightWave 3D animation class at CryWolf Computers. This will feature the newly released LightWave 8. This class has been organized by Crywolf and The San Diego LightWave User's Group. Details are as follows:

Class Title: "Lightwave 8 Character and Object Modeling & Animation:Tools and Techniques for Beginners"

To register please go to http://www.crywolf.com/ and click on the “LightWave” classes link or call Amanda at Crywolf at (858) 277-9653.

Date & Times: August 27th & 28th, 10:00 Am - 6:00 Pm
Instructors: Dave Jerrard & Jennifer Hachigian
Place: Crywolf Computers, 7320 convoy ct - SD, CA 92111 (858) 277-9653

Class Outline:

Jennifer Hachigian and Dave Jerrard are authors of “Lightwave Applied versions 6 & 7” as well as industry experts who worked on films so as:

1) “Sky Captain and the World Of Tomorrow.”
2) “The Last Samurai”
3) “Roughnecks: The Starship Troopers Chronicles”
4) “Max Steel”
5) "Spider-Man 2"

This extensive 2 day hands on workshop will introduce the beginner to the newly released LightWave 8 in the basics of character and object modeling and animation. You will be learning from industry professionals

In the first aspect of the workshop Jennifer Hachigian will teach the students the fundamentals in Organic Modeling and Animation. Each student will build a character for animation in LightWave 8. Students will also get a brief introduction to soft-body dynamics.

The 2nd aspect of the workshop Dave Jerrard will teach the student the fundamentals in modeling space ships, landscapes and planets to animate the classic SCI-FI scene.

Each student will receive a CD of all of the source material with handouts as well a demo CD of the new LightWave 8. In addition the class will be filmed for the production of a video CD that each student will receive for future viewing.

Stephen M.Burns
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