View Full Version : Motion Mixer Scene loading problems

08-02-2004, 10:42 PM
Hi, I'm having trouble with Motion Mixer in LW 8.

I used IK Boost to set up a Run cycle for a dog.
I then created an actor "Doggie" adding all bones from
the dog object, but not the main object, and not the ear bones.
I then add the motion (clearing channels) to motion mixer for all Actor items.

I now have a motionless dog that slides along on my object path... Good so far.

I then add the motion "Run" to the motion mixer timeline.
tada it works fine. I then put it on Repeat in motion mixer.

I then select the object in layout and tell it to offsetrepeat... on it's Z motion... so the slightly jiggly natural motion of the object continues into the distance. so my dog now runs forward as long as i like. I select the ear bones and run a dynamic calculation on them.Looks great, works great, renders great.

I save the scene. Then render it.
see the results:
31MB Quicktime file.

Yeah!... I'm happy... but now comes the problem... I save the scene...
...Later, upon reload the scene is garbled... the main object is rotated (even though it is "not rotated" according to the
rotation HPB numbers, or at least my Actor's motion got rotated or something). The scene does not funtion anymore as designed. If i remove the motion mixer motions the dog re-aligns to his correct position and moves across the screen as desired, less the MM stored bone movements...thus... back to a sliding dog as would be expected
So my conclusion is that somewhere in the scene saving/ or loading process, the motion mixer data is getting messed up somehow.

Please help... I have sent the same question to newtek support also... but i hope someone here can help.

screen capture of the sceen looking normal.

screen capture after loading the scene from a saved file.