View Full Version : Freelance Modelers Wanted

07-31-2004, 08:38 PM
Dear LightWave Users:

I run a small video production company and I am looking to contract the services of a 3D modeler for projects as they come up. My company is Eastonsweb Multimedia (www.eastonsweb.com).

I am looking for talented modelers to lend support for projects in the following categories:

1. 3D Logo Design: This would involve designing and rendering 3d versions of client logos to be used within video productions shown during live events, corporate promotional video, etc.
2. 3D intro scenes: This would include desin of 3D scenes or objects that would be used as show openers (shown at the beginnig of a live event and or at the beginning of a final production on vhs or dvd).
3. Educational Depictions: This would include design of 3d objects used to depict objects or environments that are difficult to film. This could include 3D animation of products in use, visualization of a building's interior or exterior, etc.

If interested please send your work history, work samples and rate card to [email protected] Once your package is reviewed, a follow up meeting will be set up to discuss details and next steps.

This could be a good opportunity to generate a return off your investment in software and equipment. Thank you in advance for your interest.


John Easton
Eastonsweb Multimedia