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07-30-2004, 08:39 AM
Help... I've been trying the last several nights to install windows xp/Mandrake 10 on one hard drive or if I could Suse 9 PRO (i.e. FTP install)/Windows XP/Win98 on the same drive... I'm currently messing with Mandrake because I have the ISOs to install with... with SUSE I'm using an ftp installer so it takes a lot longer even though I get more/better stuff from the install... If I can get this stuff to work, I'd like to go with Suse, but will go with Mandrake if I must... because I've read rumors that Mandrake and Redhat are easier to dual boot with than Suse is... also it's easier to install from cd than over ftp since ftp takes a long time to download...

it's a 160 gig drive so there's plenty of room, and the installs seem to go ok, BUT the bootloaders are giving me all kinds of problems.

apparently, if you put winxp with ntfs on first, and then install either mandrake or suse, lilo will give you a L 99 99 99 99 99 and keep doing the 99 99, etc forever.. the prompt to select the os to open never comes up. If you go with Grub, you get a GRUB_ at reboot and a blank screen after that and no way to select the os... if you use the first disk on Mandrake to do a rescue and reload the xp bootloader, xp will boot but linux won't...

Right now, I'm testing something else... I read on a few forums that the L99 99 error and the GRUB_ error indicate that linux is not reading the full size of all partitions correctly and that the bootloader for linux must be in the first 9 gigs of of the drive or something... SO, now I just installed Mandrake, and now am installing xp after that in the free space on the drive left after Mandrake... the problem is that in doing so XP's bootloader ate Lilo... so now I can boot to xp but not to linux... I need a quick and simple fix for this. I've read that you can get linux to boot in a situation like this if you have a linux boot disk... the problem is that I don't have one of those... On older computers, I used to be able to get linux and xp to dual boot nice and clean because linux recognized FAT partitions and loaded the win98 or xp in to the lilo... BUT now that I need NTFS (mainly because it's so freaking good at compresing folders to save space) I am having troubles... I know that you should be able to use either xp's bootloader and put linux in it or use lilo/grub and put xp in it, but I have no freaking clue how to do that stuff, especially without a linux boot disk... Has anyone done this, and if so can you either point me in the right direction or give an in depth tutorial on how the heck to do this stuff?!?

I think that if I can get it all to work, what I really want is SUSE/WIN98/WINXP with Win98 on FAT, winxp on NTFS and each in their own nice little partitions... but as mentioned above, if I have to use Mandrake to make this work, I can settle for that...

07-30-2004, 11:29 AM
Well, all i can say is that NTFS is definitely not the problem, I have running Mandrake and XP Pro (NTFS) on my Notebook without problems.

Your problem seems most likely hardware/BIOS related, i.e. Lilo cannot figure out the correct disk size. A bit of Googling proposed to make sure that the HD is set to LBA (not "Auto" or "Lage" or whatever there might be available) in BIOS. Also make sure you BIOS actually supports 48bit LBA (i.e. the BIOS recognizes it with 160GB, and not 128 or 136 or whatever), although Windows (and i think Linux too) will not use the BIOS to write to the HD, but if you ever load a DOS disk and write to the HD you can kill all your partitions...just be on the save side.