View Full Version : Character export with LScript?

07-30-2004, 02:03 AM
I'm looking into LScript to see if it's possible to write a character exporter for a game engine (Doom3's MD5 format). I'm still not sure if LScript is "powerful" enough for this, so I'm asking you guys here. The LScript documentation also doesn't give me a good idea on how to tackle this, but maybe I'm just looking in the wrong place.

Here are a couple of questions, probably noobish but that's what I am when it comes to LW and LScript, a newbie who's seeking help.

-how do you get access to the weights for bones that don't use weightmaps? If that's not possible, the exporter would rely on only weightmaps being used, for every bone.

-where's the connection between a bone and the weightmap it uses? I would have expected a .weightmap() method or something for the Bone Object Agent, but that doesn't exist, according to the documentation.

-are there math functions in LScript for matrix math? Couldn't find any but maybe I didn't look hard enough.

-are there scripts available that do character export? I couldn't find a single one, but some of you guys here apparently worked on some. It would be cool and infinitely helpful if you could share your work.

Thanks for any answers... :)