View Full Version : DV Capture dropping frames

07-28-2004, 08:23 PM
When I try to capture a dv stream off tape from my camera through either:
VT's capture panel set to DV Type 2 (btw: why does this only work when the DV source is on the Preview bus?)
or the included DV capture application I'm experiencing dropped frames, however when I use DVIO I can capture without problems.

Any ideas as to why?

P4 3GHz 2GB ram
VT[3] latest upgrade

07-28-2004, 10:31 PM
Are you trying to capture via firewire?

If so, you should have your DV source on main and your capture panel set to capture main. When you do this, there will be no codec to set in the capture panel, since you are not doing a capture, you are simply doing a transfer of the DV file, it's not actually using a codec.

If you are setting a codec, then that means you are making your computer uncompress the DV video and then attempt to recompress it in real-time to DV again, which is NOT what you want to do, and NOT what most computers have the power to do, as you've seen.

The only codec setting you should be making for this is in the prefs. There you should select Type-1 for DV instead of Type-2. The reason being some of us have had bad A/V sync issues with Type-2 "capture" through VT[3], you can use it at your own risk, but I wouldn't recommend it. You should use Type-2 for all other uses though, such as rendering from VT[3] or capture with other NLEs or utilities.

The "included DV capture application" is just a sample program from Microsoft for developers, and was never really intended for "real" use. DVIO is a better program, though my favorite is WinDV. Not sure why you're dropping frames with DVapp, but it doesn't even work for me.

VT wasn't really designed primarily for DV, so yes, some of the ways to do DV work with it requires workarounds.