View Full Version : Anybody programmers got interest in writing export plugin for Q Game Engine?

07-22-2004, 04:35 AM
I've been investigating game engines that work with Lightwave. Apparently Qube does not... at least not as well as it could... They already have an exporter for Max and Maya, but not one for Lightwave...

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> No, we don't supply an exporter for Lightwave. We do supply the source code
> for the Max and Maya exporters to help write exporters for other authoring
> packages. The Q API also makes export tasks simpler than they generally are,
> as you don't need to master a file format for the output, you simply need to
> drive the API.
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> Just curious - there are 3ds Max and Maya hooks... Does one exist for
> Lightwave?

Anybody up to the challenge of writing an exporter for this game engine? It seems like a pretty good engine, and is free to use in commercial or non-commercial ventures as long as you just releasing for Windows and leave their logo on your final product...

What's really nice about this engine is that it has some pretty descent design tools in it, and is pretty cross platform... Yes, you can only use the Windows version for free, but if you go all out, wanting to develop for linux, and get the playstion 2 and or xbox sdk, they have a version available to to all of that available for purchase.

I would do it myself, but being a newbie to lscript and c++, I have a funny hunch that it would take me a lot longer than those of you who are already "in the know" about doing this sort of stuff...

here's the link to their site: http://www.qubesoft.com