View Full Version : NZLWUG - Website updated

03-30-2003, 03:31 AM
For anyone wanting to read the happenings at the New Zealand LWUG, I've just updated the meetings section of the web site with the last 4 months worth of meeting minutes...


Basically I post up details about 'what happened' after each meeting, rather then details about 'what will happen' as this is pretty unreliable (since people always tend to assist me in dragging tutorials and show and tell out longer then expected!)

I've also started to get more and more local 'studios' post me job postings! Well, looks like word is spreading so maybe 2003 is THE year for Kiwavers (Kee-wavers), eh!

Reminds me, I have a few images from some users who want to be 'added' to the gallery - Hmmm, better do that tommorrow! :)