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scott w. keller
07-19-2004, 07:28 AM
Recently system using 2000 Prof. started doing some strange things outside of toaster, reload of windows was needed, so I decided to move to XP prof. because it does indeed support hyper-threading. Did the following: Reformatted "C" installed XP, latest intel and Nvidia drivers,17 critical updates and Media Player 9, Spyblot & Spyblaster. Then installed VT3 original disks and then latest VT3 update. Did not reboot until update was installed. VT came up and did all the registration things etc. It did the auto config. and rated my existing array of SCSI drives at 129. Set audio codec PCM Converter to 1st priority. When you go into toaster, module comes up fine. I set prefs. where they had been before. The problem is when you do anything connected with the array the machine locks up and it takes Ctrl.,Alt, Del. to get out. If you capture to the array, the minute you hit the stop it freezes up. If you go into VT edit, the minute you click on the array "E" for the filebin, you are done. You can go to "E" outside of toaster and copy files to other drives and place them into VT edit and they work fine and edit like normal. Could this be a difference in the way 2000 and XP stripe drives or could it be because the array was originally "F" and that information is still there and confusing things? I did a disk check with no problems. I really didn't want to reformat the drives because of some of the stuff that was there, but it could be replaced.

Any ideas or suggestion? Everything had been fine before except what ever messed up the windows 2000 OS, was either a glitch in a critical update or a program that had been installed and removed, both had recently been done.

Machine: SuperMicro P4DCE+, 2.0 Xeons, 2-40 Gig IDE system drives, 1 GIG Ram, Gainward Geforce4-460 AGP card, adaptec 29160 controller, 4-73.4 Gig Seagate cheetah 10,000 rpm drives.

Paul Lara
07-19-2004, 08:17 AM
Are other applications able to access the array?

scott w. keller
07-19-2004, 08:54 AM
The only other app. on the machine is media player 9. Some of the mpeg 2's will play others seem to need a codec. If you go directly to the array click on an rtv. file the digital disk recorder comes up and if you monitor the toaster output the rtv. file is playing perfectly. If you start in toaster and try to play an rtv. from the array, it locks up.

Hope this helps.


scott w. keller
07-20-2004, 09:05 AM
After reading every post I could find about lock ups and considerable experimenting, it became clear there was something on the array that was not compatable with the VT3 environment, decided to do the following: Went into the array and deleted all the undo/redo files and a few older rtv. files some may have been VT2 vintage and it started working again like old times.