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07-19-2004, 06:37 AM
I can get the 9800 pro with 128ram at best buy this week for 179.00 after rebates seems cool and all but is this the way to go or should I save up for the xt800? How much is LW helped by the graphics card because rendering is done by the cpu.
Any thoughts? thanks.

07-19-2004, 06:57 AM
As far as actual rendering goes, no amount of GPU power will speed up your final render.
However, a graphics beast such as this will help your Layout and Modeler refresh and polygon count while working with and building your scenes and models and increase productivity while not rendering.

There are some who believe that ATI cards are not the best cards for Lightwave because of poor Open GL support in the past. There are quite a few on the forum that haven't had any trouble with ATI cards and heartily recommend them.

07-19-2004, 08:15 AM
I'd recommend the ATI T2 128 MB card. I use this one professionally, and it is a beauty! A little more expensive, but a much better card (I try to avoid over-the-counter consumer cards like the 9800 Pro if at all possible).....

07-19-2004, 10:36 AM
i currently have a readeon 9000 so far it performs well except for their multi monitor managing program. i don't know if its just me but ATI's "hydravision" doesn't save LWs pallettes window's (surface editor, graph editor, scene editor, etc.) position. say you have LAYOUT/MODELER on your main monitor and all your pallettes on your 2nd monitor, once you exit out and then start back in all your windows will be all piled up in your main monitor. though nVidia's nView application doesn't do this (so i've heard). i'm not sure if they fixed it in the new 9800 series and xt800.

but to answer your question if the difference in amount say $350 for the 9800 and $400 for the x800 then just wait a couple more days and buy the x800.

07-20-2004, 03:55 AM
I switched from a low end geforce fx to a radeon 9800 pro purely because the card was on offer and very cheap, and while it is exrtreamly fast it does have some small issues with regards to lightwave. overall nothing that stops lightwave from functioning properly thought.

Just little niggles like changing between shading modes, on the geforce it takes miliseconds, so fast u dont notice it but with the ati card changing shading modes has quite a delay. The main one though is in when panning modeler viewports, with the geforce (and some other chips iv used such as intel extream 2, which is naff tbh) all the other views update at the same time with no lag, but with the ati card there is massive lag in the 3 other views, sometimes not updating untill u stop panning alltogether.

Surely this sort of thing could be fixed with better drivers but this is where ati fail, there drivers have always been below par and never seem to get any better. Iv tried several different version and even some third party modified ones and the problem is always there.

I'l be changing back to nvidia when their prices drop a bit more, the higher end geforce fx cards still cost a hell of a lot more than the radeons (which for gaming are slightly faster than a gf fx), appart from those issues the card is still very fast at displaying the actual 3d stuff in lightwave so i can put up with the problems for now.

The latest ati and nvidia cards are a bit too expensive for me so i wont bother just yet :)


07-20-2004, 07:20 AM
Well, I just recently switched my fx5950ultra for a 9800xt card
and it is alot better now regarding panning the viewports.

It's just as smooth as it should be, the nvidia card never
came near this kind of smoothness.

I do agree with switching shading modes or when
maximizing viewports, it takes forever with ati cards
when nvidia was really fast in that.

Also I have to note that I am using firegl drivers for my 9800xt
and they help ALOT! But I am also comparing to a fx3000 quadro
card as that was what I had my 5950ultra turned into via patched

So, use hacked firegl drivers for ur ati card and lightwave
should work very nice.