View Full Version : DV View ?

03-30-2003, 02:35 AM
Anyone else having problems with DV View?

To my surprise LW 75b now likes uncompressed
and .avi files from my 3CCD DV Camera.

Which is bloody fantastic!!! I don't need to convert to frames!

So i decided to push my luck and see if i could use the new
DV Render option. I tried and it failed!

Anyone had any problems or good news, using this feature?

I'm using a PAL 3CCD Panasonic DV Cam - It returns DV Device returned an error: Is DV device plugged in?

Well yes it is plugged in and turned on, but it no worky..

Aura25b works no problems, and even allows me to paint
in realtime to my camera and TV screen. (COOL!)
But it would be so much cooler, if LW could too......

I have not tried any other Camera's as yet....
But it appears to be only LW...

Anything i can do? Will it be fixed in 7.5c??
Please do, it would be such a handy feature.....