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07-18-2004, 10:59 PM
I know that FPrime is garnering a lot more attention than G2 these days, but Worley's G2 is a lot more interesting to me at the moment.

I've just started modeling with LW. I entered 3D by way of Poser, then Bryce, then Vue, then ZBrush.

Lighting seems to me to be the most important component of almost any composition. Whether it is photography or 3D renders, poor lighting can make a good composition look bad, and good lighting can mak a poor composition look decent.

I'm just interested in the experiences of G2 owners in terms of functionality and workflow. I'm looking at LW as my primary modeling and rendering solution, but I still plan to use Vue and Poser as a starting point, at least with respect to my purchased models.

Thanks in advance!


07-19-2004, 03:43 PM
Hey there!

Well you're right that FPrime is getting all the glory at the moment (and not without good reason) however you are also correct in that G2 is an excellent plugin - the features list at www.worley.com tells you pretty much everything you need to know and with G2's realtime "F9" you'll get a similar experience to using FPrime (though not as flexible).

One thing to note is that LightWave's built-in lighting is no slouch and many of the things G2 can do can be achieved (or at least faked) using LightWave alone - I consider G2 to be a "higher order" of lighting tools that can push your images just that little bit further towards realism - not to knock it - I think it's great but out of FPrime and G2 I use FPrime constantly and G2 occaisionally. Once G2 and FPrime are playing together though (on the cards supposedly) - well that's a whole new ball game :D

I will say this - G2 is a complex beast with many features and the documentation isn't the best (although there are some good tutorials on the Worley website) - if you do invest in it, make sure you know LightWave's lighting inside and out before you start digging into G2 - LightWave 3D 8 Lighting from Wordware is highly recommended reading too :)

07-19-2004, 07:06 PM

Thanks for the great information. Given that I'm new to LW and I don't know the ins and outs of it, I'll focus on learning the lighting tools already available (I do have the LW 8 Lighting book from Wordware, by the way). In addition to "faking" similar results with LW8's lighting tools, I also have the power of Photoshop at my disposal.

So maybe I'll look at getting FPrime instead.


07-20-2004, 08:06 PM
If you are planning on buying one or the other right now, I would definitely go with FPrime. There is nothing like instant feedback. Once they integrate the two plugins though the Lightwave/Worley combo of toolsets will be unstoppable. I myself am pretty new to this, and Fprime allows you to feel like your getting somewhere. I have both Fprime and G2, but have yet to really explore G2. I am sure that once I begin doing more texturing that G2 will come into play and that is why I have it. But I am also hoping that by the time I really start using it that Newtek will have opened up the SDK to allow a deeper connection for all plugins, especially FPrime, G2, and Sasquatch. Either way I say that all the Worley Plugins are almost must haves for anyone looking to get serious.

Dave Allen
07-23-2004, 01:15 AM
I too would get Fprime over G2. I have G2 and it was great for matching lighting for composites; tweaking diffuse levels; matching film grain, adjusting to match tempreture (hot or cold lighting), I suppose I could have done a lot of this in photoshop but I was/am lazy.

One thing I didn't like about G2 was the lack of Radiosity support. and the fact that it couldn't adjust its preview for surfaces behind transparent surfaces. You had to hit F9 at that point.

I would start with Fprime and end it in Photoshop. Interactive radiosity opens up a whole new way of lighting. I haven't read the Wordware book, but I wonder if it touches on new techniques using lightboxes and such with radiosity? I doubt it.

When FP and G2 combine, cool. When FP works with screamernet, cooler.

-Dave A.