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07-18-2004, 03:18 AM

this must sound plain stupid
but i'm pretty new to this animation thingy ;)

I've managed to set me up some bones that interact perfectly thanks to the tutorials here on lightwave.
I also made a model .. A basic person

But How do I bring them togheter now?

I can move/rotate the bones but my model doesnt follow ...
I've looked for several tutorials but they all explain
the bonesetup / or walkcycle it self .. but not how the model follows your bones movement :(

I know it's probably simple as hell but can't find it

Anybody want's to help?
links? maybe?

tnx in advance

07-18-2004, 04:26 AM
First of all make sure Enable Deform is On and bones are active (drawn with whole lines, not dotted lines).

It sounds like you built them apart from eachother. A structure of bones can only and must always belong to an single object (a mesh, custom item or a null). The object they belong to is the one that was selected prior to starting to draw out the first/root bone. If this was a mesh they belong to the mesh and will be able to deform the mesh. If this was a null, they belong to the null, but have nothing to deform, yet.

What you normally should do is build the bones into the character, so the character is the root (top parent) for all of the bones. But if you already managed to build a nice rig onto a null or want the same bone structure to affect several meshes, select the object you want to deform, switch to Bone Selection Mode, and then enter the Bone Properties panel. Right at the top of this panel you may choose what objects bones should be used to deform the selected mesh. If your bones are parented to a null, select the nulls name from this dropdown.

07-18-2004, 02:30 PM
tnx for the fast answer
it worked

and I understand what you said
is more logical to do it directly in the model
But it was my first one .. so it was rather basic ;)

From now on I'll work like you said :) :rolleyes: ;)