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07-16-2004, 11:51 PM
am trying to make a short video/cartoon.

I did some scenes using bryce5, but latter found out that you cant import 3d animations into bryce.
just 3d objects.

back to square one.

what software can i use to make scenes like bryce5, and import a 3d animation character that
is walking in to the scene. i found software that does one or the other but not compatible with each other.

i did download trial software of daz, max6,and alais wavefront maya. None work with bryce.

where can i find 2 compatible software programs.
Trial software would be fine.
Lightwave doesnt seem to have trial version.

new to animation,

07-17-2004, 12:46 AM
I don't know if you have been reading all the latest buzz over on DAZ's web site. Anyhow, DAZ just purchased Bryce 5, so very soon possible as soon as next year DAZ will have an upgrade for Bryce that will import their content. It sounds like it will be in the Studio format. But that doesn't matter much as Studio can import Poser content. Once imported into Bryce, you maybe able to pose the content directly with Bryce. So, I have my fingers crossed, that they follow through.
In the mean time, the following programs are compatable with each other. Poser, Vue Pro, Mover 5 (required for poser animations in Vue), and Lightwave. With Vue Pro you should be able to import poser animations, create your landscapes and then export them to Lightwave. I may be mistaken here as I am not sure if Poser content can be ported into Lightwave or if it is only Vue objects. Anyways Vue will import lightwave object so you could use Vue for the renderer. However Lightwave have a few nice features the Vue doen't, light Saslight. Particle and Hypervoxels counterparts may or may not be available for Vue.
I can't go into much detail with Vue, because I have only tried the trial version, I am seriously thinking about purchasing the program.
One other program you may check out is world builder. This program is suppose to be able to import and export lightwave files as well.
Good Luck