View Full Version : projection camera issue - help needed

07-16-2004, 08:19 PM
I'm front projecting a texture from a camera to a surface.

Depending on what camera I render from the texture is orientation changes - without changiing setting in the Scene Editor. If I make a test render from the projection camera the texture appears oriented correctly. If I render from the scene camera the texture shifts.

What appears to be happening is that LW is changing the settings of the Projection Camera zoom, focal length/etc when the Scene Camera is rendered. I can see the 'virtual camera extent' in the hardware view change.

In a word (or three) WTF is going on? I'm returning to LW after a bit of an absence and have used P cams before but I don't recall anything like this. Has anyone seen this? Can anyone give me any info? Has this been disussed before? Is there a solution?

LW 7.5c, osX 10.3.2

This is a duplicate of a post in the mac section.