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07-15-2004, 05:36 AM
Can anybody reproduce this problem (only users with SX8):

connect a component source to the SX8, put this source on preview and main so that you have the same picture in your VTVision-preview and VTVision-Programm monitor. Now I notice a difference between the two pictures (same source). One has more green and the other has more blue, with the TAKE button I can send both to the program, (THis Effect is independent from any adjustment in the procamp)
Iīve tried to adjust the component SX8 offsets in preferences, but near impossible. But the other question is, if I make my CamAdjustment with the CCU and want to BYpass the procamp, my CCU-Adjustments are worthless, because of the adjustments in SX8Preferences. I have to change the picture in that way to get same pictures in preview and program. (BTW, which picture is the correct one: preview or program?)Do I have the guarantee to get the same quality out, what I send in . without extraequipment?

connect a colorbar to input c1a (or take a camera and make a shot in the blue sky, play with the lens), program out should be connected via component to a better monitor.
put the source on main and preview and switch with TAKE between main and preview. On one bus I can notice now a moiree, on the other bus itīs near clean.
Itīs also easy to see if I `ve enlarged my Preview and Program VT VisionWindow and have both side by side on my ComputerMonitor.

During Live switching always the picture with the moiree is the first what comes up to the program.
For example: DDR on program, Cam1 on Prv > Take >Cam1 on program (with moiree) > switch Cam1 on Prv > Switch with Take > Moiree is nearly away....
the moiree is at the recorded footage in DDR as well on a tape-machine, but you donīt see it at HomeTV-like monitors
the moiree doesnīt have any effect on firewire and without the SX8
this moiree is less i.e. on input c3a, 3b but not 3c. Input c1a is the worst at my SX8

Any Ideas?

07-16-2004, 02:11 AM
we tried out the same thing at an 1,5 year old VT2 and at another new VT3 :
exactly the same: different pictures and moire -effect as described above !

Could it be that the SX8 had a bad charge? Is it only a PAL Issue?
Is it per chance that 3 Toasters around me have this same serious problem, and nobody else around the world does see this problem?
Am I hypercritical and nobody else disturbs this bug?
Is my claim of quality for the VT3 to high?

Newtek whatīs going on here?


07-21-2004, 12:13 AM
anybody out there?

Maybe it is only a PAL problem or a special series of SX-8.

We would be very happy about each feedback from anybody.

10-07-2004, 11:48 PM
Yeah, I've recently discovered this problem on a new system with an SX-8. If you feed color bars via component into virtually any input and use it as both the preview and program, then do a take, there is a visible shift in hue on the vectorscope. I've noticed that as you take cameras, that the shift alternates between takes.... i.e. cam 1 to 2 to 3 to 2... so the cameras look like they are shifting their white balance when it is in fact something going on with the VT3 switcher/ SX-8.

Kevin Petajan