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07-15-2004, 03:01 AM
The Bridgetool in L.w.8 is very cool!

07-15-2004, 07:29 AM
Another ex. of the Bridge-tool in action.

07-15-2004, 10:00 AM
Don't you have to plan carefully when using that tool though, to keep from getting tons of triangles?

Great textures on your objects, btw. :)

07-15-2004, 02:17 PM
I didnt see any triangles at all.

Check out video here by Dan Ablan:

Its quite far down the list in "Modeler,
Bridge Tool".

In the second scen , I used a hdri-image and a pointlight inside the biggest ball.

Yes, Its always good to have a plan.
Sometimes its a good training to just "play around" to see and learn how the tools works, without any final "product".

07-15-2004, 02:53 PM
I could be mistaken, but I thought I read that you had to make sure the two things to be bridged had the same number of points on the bridging edge, or you'd get lots of triangles.

Ah, well...my memory comes and goes these days. That's what heavy drugs'll do for you. :D

Just kiddin'. Sorta...

btw -- where did you get the hdri? A C4D'er on my "other forum" was asking about hdri sources. Plus, I like 'em, too.

Here's (http://athens.ict.usc.edu/HDRShop/) a place you can get a freebie to help you make 'em, if you're into that.

07-15-2004, 10:25 PM
Thanks reverie!

The hdri`s I got from a friend. I think they could be found in 7.5. If you want, I can e-mail them to ya!

07-16-2004, 04:13 AM
Another bridged-image.

07-16-2004, 05:06 AM
I think they could be found in 7.5. If you want, I can e-mail them to ya!

Thanks, Tiger. I got 7.5 around here somewhere. I'll look 'em up. :)

You got it goin' on with that bridge tool. ;)


07-16-2004, 08:47 AM
I can't wait for them to come out with their patch for 8 so I can play with the new tools.

btw, you have to plan your textures a bit better. You can see the image pinched in the reflection at the top of the ball.

07-16-2004, 11:24 AM
They don't have V8 for the Mac yet?

Zarathustra...whew, long name, where's it come from? An ancient philosopher? Interesting though...anyway, with what's in your sig, you should love The Da Vinci Code. :D

07-18-2004, 03:17 AM
Originally posted by reverie
Thanks, Tiger. I got 7.5 around here somewhere. I'll look 'em up. :)

You got it goin' on with that bridge tool. ;)


I found one nice hdri in 8 also.
kitchen probe. hdr

Great for the kids to learn L.w.
How old are they?


07-18-2004, 09:08 AM
I have 8, but it's worthless for modeling and experienced users such as Policarpo complain of crashes that destroy scenes.
I'm still waiting for the patch.

"Zarathustra" is the central focus in Nietzsche's Also Spracht Zarathustra and arguably is Friedrich himself or at least his mouthpiece. It is ironic that in this work which is his most monumental work, he takes on Christianity with a character named after one who some credit as the creator of monothesism who lived long before Plato and who's views were turned into a religion named "Zoroastrism".
On the surface, Nietzsche seems a muddled mess of contradictions but after spending considerable time reading his works even the irony of the name "Zarathustra" makes perfect sense.

Now go out there and read a book or something. It's good for you.

I almost forgot - if you ever decide to try and read Nietzsche, only read a Walter Kaufman translation. Anything else is just plain incorrect.

07-18-2004, 11:08 AM
Now go out there and read a book or something. It's good for you.

Not real literature, thanks. :) The only literature I can stomach is a bit of Mark Twain. Or James Thurber. Lightweight stuff. Why torture your brain with writers who ponder the heavy issues? Just time you think you've got things figured out, here comes a curve ball, and you gotta revise your whole belief system. Besides, humans trying to figure out the quirks of life is like trying to run Lightwave 8 on a computer with 8 megs of RAM. Better to go on a combination of logic and intuition -- and accept that the only certainty is that there IS no certainty. :)

Seriously, if you ever read novels (and maybe you've already read this one), you should pick up The Da Vinci Code. One of the subplots involves a deception foisted on the world by organized religion -- and the attempt to perpetuate the deception. The idea is that organized religion is more about money and power than true spiritualism. :) Really interesting and thought-provoking.

Plus, it's a dern good mystery story, too.

Thanks for the info about your nickname. :)

07-18-2004, 11:11 AM
Tiger, which kids are you referring to? :)

How old are they?

07-18-2004, 03:48 PM
Originally posted by reverie
Tiger, which kids are you referring to? :)

I saw that you maybe teach the schoolkids Ligthwave.

Lucky kids! ;)

07-18-2004, 07:18 PM
I wish I did teach my students Lightwave :) I teach high school kids (16 & 17 year olds) history and psychology. One reason I got into 3D was to learn to re-create and animate historical scenes. The kids learn lots better if they can see it happening instead of hear how it DID happen.

There was this show on tv -- Unsolved History -- where they took famous historical events and recreated them in 3D to try to see how things really were. Lots of times, what is passed down to us in the history books is not right, and you can prove it thru 3D re-enactments. :) That stuff fascinates me.

I've been thinking how nice it would be to get the school to get a license for Lightwave. Can you imagine a better way to teach geometry? Or the kids could even re-create historical events...the honors classes could anyway. They're smart enough to learn basic 3D skills in a few weeks, and they'd love it!

Sorry, I get carried away with enthusiasm sometimes. :)

I did get an offer to teach a Lightwave class, but it's on an internet school for adults called the Eclectic Academy. The lady that helps run it saw a tutorial I posted at InDepthArts.com and asked if I could write 6 lessons like that...more detailed and polished, of course...to be used in a beginning LW class. They'd pay me a few dollars per student, but I don't really care about the money. I'd like to do it because I love Lightwave so much -- maybe I could make someone else love it, too. :)

That's one reason I started participating more over here at Newtek...I thought maybe I could learn from you all.

Whew -- I do get strung out. ;)

07-19-2004, 12:06 AM
Yes, you are right! Lightwave should be Everywhere! A student who is into geometry, art, design, math, astronomy, you name it-should have accses? (acces?)
(my english is far from good)... to L.w.3D.

I think even many teachers will love it! Of course...over there in U.s, (I think) L.w. are allredy in many schools.

Like when you quit school, you know some basic-how to read, write etc, etc.
And that basic should also include some basic L.w.3D knowledge. At least it should be an option if one wants to learn.

I`m now waiting for Dan`s "Inside L.W. 8" and his 10 DVD courseware from 3D-Garage! Over 20 hrs. pure Lightwave nectar!

Take care!

null studios om
08-15-2004, 07:34 AM
i like you texturing....:eek:

beast from the midle east:mad: