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02-12-2003, 12:14 AM
The L.A. Lightwave User Group is the premier source for the latest Lightwave tips, tricks, information, and industry networking opportunities in the Southern California area. Many of our current and past members have gone on to enjoy careers in the entertainment industry... Will you be next?

We have users of all levels at the LW User Group, so whether you're a beginner or advanced user of LW, bring your reel, questions and/or experience to the group, there's a little something for everyone! Make sure to bring your reel or any work in progress to show off. Industry people have been known to drop by so you never know who might see your work!
When: The third Sunday of every month. 2pm

Where: Los Angeles River Center and Gardens

The dues are $35.00 per year, or $5.00 per visit paid at the door.

Jessica Vitale

02-12-2003, 12:17 AM
February Meeting

Larry Shultz

The Best of the Freebie Plugins..

We’ll focus on modeler for this segment and Larry will cover which plug ins are must haves to do your modeling and best of all they are free. This is what makes our community soooo awesome….Larry may also demonstrate UV mapping. He has a learning Textures CD. Bring your checkbooks. Larry always sells these CDs out….

For anyone (or if you know of anyone) who is looking for a basic, inexpensive, beginners LightWave class, Los Angeles Mission College is offering a Basic LightWave class which meets on Monday nights. Classes begun on Monday Feb 10 but there’s still time to register since they haven’t began work projects yet. Los Angeles Mission College is located in Sylmar. The class is a 3.0 unit college course and I believe it is still $11.00 per unit. The college’s website is www.lamission.edu This info is also on our website under Where to Learn LightWave in LA…

Meeting begins at 2:00pm with Donuts and Coffee from about 1:30pm…You will not be allowed to bring food and drink in the lab….We meet at the Studio Arts on the Ground of the Los Angeles River Center and Gardens….Dues are $5 at the door or $35 for a one year membership….

We hope to see you there…Happy Valentine’s Day

Jessica Vitale


Los Angeles LightWave Users Group

03-12-2003, 11:31 PM
Hello Fellow LightWavers:

Another meeting day is upon us. This month’s agenda has been quite a challenge to put together, primarily since Newtek released the 7.5b patch. We might be able to touch some things from the patch but since people are still playing around with its features we may leave that to a future meeting. Anyhow, here’s what we have come up with.

Our secretary Jerimiah Morey may do a little demo on the capabilities of rendering with Linux….

Larry Shultz has been beta-testing a new bone plug in. He is going to demo this plug in and possibly touch on a few things about 7.5b…

Jennifer Hachigian has been doing some marvelous research and development work with Motion Designer. Some of the things she has been able to accomplish with Motion Designer will blow you guys away. Jennifer will show us scene files only. We will have her do an in depth Motion Designer demo in the near future, where she could explain how she has accomplished her techniques. Who knew LightWave could do this!!!!

Also to remind you. You may have seen the commercials and billboards advertising Sci-Fi Channel’s Children of Dune. The premiere is March 16 at 9pm. (Well after our meeting is over). Set your recorders or race home to watch this, because this is an all LightWave show done by Area 51….I’ll work on getting someone from Area 51 to talk about their work on this in the future….

Bring demo reels and works in progress and any puzzling questions. After all, we are here to help. Dave Jerrard will be showing a brand new demo reel…J

The website will be updated by Thursday at the very least, maybe sooner…

Donuts and coffee provided as always. Dues are $5 at the door or $35 a year…Meeting begins promptly at 2pm. Come by at 1:30pm for the donuts and coffee. No food or drink will be allowed in the lab…

Hope to see you there. You know where to e-mail me if you have any questions…

Jessica Vitale


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