View Full Version : LWSN command line documentation for RenderPal

07-14-2004, 12:34 PM
Hello, hopefully somebody here can help me out. Renderpal is a very nice distributed render manager (like muster, lightnet, etc) that supports a number of applications (maya, mentalray, XSI, MAX, After fx) - http://www.renderpal.com/ (http://)

I am trying to get them to support LW but they don't own the software and have not been able to find the necessary info to add Lightwave support. They are willing to add LW support if they can get the proper documentation.

Soooo, where would I refer them to find the information that will enable them to add LW support to their software? I have not upgraded to LW8 yet, but there's not much documentation in the LW7 manuel (chapter 19 has a couple of paragraphs) on the command line commands and syntax.

Any help?? I think this would be a great addition for the LW community - especially people who use LW in conjunction with Maya.