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Joker II
07-13-2004, 06:46 AM
Hi guys,

If you load an object into Layout and press p for properties, you can add dynamics towards your object, null, etc...

There is also a button called 'Dynamic Obj.' and in the LW8 PDF manual is stated that you can use either properties or Tab'Modify' -----> Dynamic Obj.

Problem is, it's sort of faded out, meaning you can't acces it, now I know this means that you have to plug-in these dynamics but my problem is:

Where do I find them and how are they called?

In obj.prop. they are, Cloth, Soft, Hard, Emitter, Wind, etc. but I can't find them, I think they are called ParticleFX correct?

My intention is to add these to the Dynamic obj. button so I can use them from there on!

Can anyone explain how I could change this?

Also, can they be chosen in the properties panel AND the Dynamic Obj. button in the Modify Tab?

Joker ;)

Joker II
07-13-2004, 04:24 PM
Case solved ;)

I would say thank you, but then again, to who :D

See ya,
Joker ;)

07-19-2004, 12:49 PM
I'm lost.
See image for "ghosted" Dynamic Obj button.

1. Why is it ghosted?
2. How do I get it un-ghosted?
3. In 7.5 hard manual or 8 PDF or even the help system -
is there, in huge, red letters, a disclaimer that states something like
"apologies from NewTek, we gave you a bum button but here's what you do..."

I guess I'm asking why a default install of Lightwave would have this button
if it doesn't do anything.

From the Help System:

Add Dynamic Object

One way to quickly add dynamic objects to your scene is to use the Add Dynamic Object drop down list (Items> Add Dynamic Obj). Choose between Collision, Wind, Gravity, and Particle from the drop down menu. You can add one or more of these controllers to your scene. Then, each can be set with its own parameter settings to create just the effect you are looking for. A dialog prompts you for a name when you add a dynamic object. Click OK to accept the default, or type in the name you wish to use and click OK.

Noting the tone of simplicity above, I have to assume my Lightwave 8
has a bug.

Why is my Dynamic Obj button ghosted?

07-19-2004, 02:44 PM
In Configure Menus
went to presets-->"default style" and the button came back.

I somehow bugged myself... don't ask me... by customizing my

I had to then re-do my FPrime buttons and then save the configuration (as previously done) but this time everything is fine,
including my Dynamic Obj button.

Very strange :)

Thanks and apologies to those reading!