View Full Version : Question: UvMapping & Painting software

03-29-2003, 09:38 AM
Hello All !

I currently have LW 7.5b, Aura 2.5b. Photoshop 7, I-Tex, Bryce 5,
Poser 4, etc. I have read on the internet various software(s) to unwrap, create, paint / manipulate 2D / 3D models.

My question, I have researched and found:
Deep Paint 3D, DeepUv, Cox UvMapper, Ultimate Unwrap3D,
Tru-Vr2, MeshPaint 3D, Mapping Magician, Aura's 2.5b own Uvmapping feature.

Taking into consideration my software using, what is an " all- around " ( if possible ) software that work standalone or interphase with my software ? Or what I have is good enough ?

I am a little confused by each vendor claims and need some clarification on creating / paint / manipulate 2D / 3D models.
I'm sure other users have similar questions on this topic.

Thanks for reading this message and will wait for feedback.

03-29-2003, 07:37 PM
Need to add here Zbrush 1.55 as well. Looking for application that would compliment my software.